Image Makes the Brand – How to Put the Right Image Into the World

Professionalism, genuineness, consistency, and fairness make the image of the modern business owner. From networking luncheons, to interviews; from internet resources to boardroom advertisement proposals; image is essential. The business owner’s image is the image of their brand. While maintaining a clean image in face to face meetings leaves a lasting impression on potential partners and sales, the realm of reputation has expanded beyond a firm handshake.

Both in person and the on the World Wide Web, including social media, the business owner must maintain consistency in the manner they show themselves. Their demeanor at a networking luncheon may say my brand is top quality, whereas the company web page may say primitive and sloppy. Many corporations and potential investors and partners will see a business owner’s web page and social media account long before they meet face to face. A good place to get some advice on a good web presence is SEO Toronto, where they have idea’s on good web design.  Crass, unprofessional company webpages and social media pages will destroy a brand long before a weak handshake. Inconsistency ruins promotion.

When selecting a brand, potential buyers and partners desire tact. A strong pitch highlighting the quality of the product being sold is essential. Know the product, know the competition. Never insult the competition. Show a fair hand to the competition, yet still highlight what is better about the product being pitched. Fairness with competition keeps the lines of communication and future business opportunities open.

Ingenuity, creativity, and personality make for great business owners and a memorable brand name. Uniqueness wins over all. Soda companies never try to be like the other. These companies focus on the qualities which make their brands unique and great. No one brand of soda tries to be just like their competitor. The modern business owner must be unique and true to the brand they create. Without that focus, the modern business owner and their brand becomes weak, lazy, inconsistent and unprofessional.

The image of the modern business owner and their brand is no longer limited to face to face encounters. The modern business owner ‘s reputation extends to the World Wide Web. The success of business and brand thus relies on offline and online professionalism, consistency, genuineness, and fairness in order to catch the eye of potential partners and investors.